Track 3

11:30 - 12:45

13:45 - 15:00

Digitale tweelingen: versterk het beheer van uw geodata en uw voorspellende modellen


  • A 3D tree map, based on AI and citizen science (EN)


    • In partnership with VIVES University of Applied Sciences, Eurosense is developing a 3D tree map based on Artificial Intelligence and citizen science. This project combines three areas of expertise of Eurosense: geodata, artificial intelligence and urban green. The objective is to identify individual trees and key attributes (such as coordinates, height, crown area, etc.), and to calculate carbon stock – starting from different sources of geodata. Via a web app, the tree cadaster is accessible and being enriched by citizens and experts.

      In this presentation, Eurosense will explain its two main missions within the project:

      • The creation of a 3D tree layer with AI

      • The development of a terrain app that allows citizens to (1) verify the automatically generated tree layer and (2) add extra attributes

Het verdere programma van deze voormiddagsessie is binnenkort beschikbaar. 


​Het BeGeo-team werkt momenteel dit deel van het programma verder uit. Het zal zeer binnenkort beschikbaar zijn.